Kabuto Carry-on

Fingerprint Lock Suitcase

key advantages

  • Removable back pocket
  • Fingerprint lock
  • 50% expandable
  • Magnetic charging connection




January 2020


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KABUTO Carry-on

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$445 $645

Kabuto is the suitcase of the future with a ton of built-in perks, making it a nomad’s must-have.

Forget that worrisome moment as your suitcase slides away from you on the check-in conveyor belt. Who’s going to open it? What happens if it gets lost?

Nobody! And no one!

This super-secure suitcase is protected by fingerprint technology, so only you will be able to open up its contents.

It includes a removable carry-on so you don’t need to juggle two bags in the airport. And its volume is expandable by 50%, it has an extra-bag strap, and extra compartments for shoes or other items.

Integrated is a magnetic charging connection, so your devices will charge automatically when you lock the pocket back in. Gone are the days of dead devices mid-journey.

You also have the option of plugging devices into KABUTO, and its battery pack is powerful enough to charge a smartphone 5 times.

Made of light materials and recycled polycarbonates, the bag is not only eco-friendly but also extremely strong. So strong, that if you do manage to break it, KABUTO will fix or replace it, no questions asked!

Attention to detail has really guaranteed KABUTO as Tech I want. Its “silent wheels” are more like tires than wheels, meaning no embarrassed squeaking and clunking as you rush to catch your plane.

This TSA approved suitcase is ushering in the future of travel, and all for 395USD which is a steal for quality luggage.

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