Air Purifier

key advantages

  • Advanced air cleaning technology
  • Odor-reducer
  • Long-lasting filter


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1x HEPA Air purifier


Finally reaching peace of mind is no longer only a dream! Instant Air Purifier will bring you clean air which will help you improve your physical and mental health. This technology will reduce the possibility of the risk of infection because it uses an advanced filtration system and plasma ion technology to remove 99.9% of the viruses from the air that causes different viruses. Also, it removes 99.9% of other bacteria, viruses, and mold in the air. You no longer have to worry about a bad smell in your house. HEPA-13 filter captures 99.97% of dust, dander, pollen, smoke, allergens, and other ultrafine impurities in the air; the carbon layer in the filter helps reduce odors.

Instant Air Purifier delivers you clean air 5 times an hour. And the size of the room doesn’t matter. It filters up to 630 sqft per hour and 126 sqft 5 times an hour as certified by the Association of Household Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).
One more advantage. It automatically senses the quality of air and adjusts the speed of the fan based on the quality. If it’s time for bed, its lights will automatically turn off displays and reduce noise.
In addition to all of this, you’ll be given a one-year lasting warranty.

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