Portable Kitchen

key advantages

  • Carry bag and eating mat at the same time
  • Easily folds and unfolds
  • Adjustable to various needs




August 2020


Travel & Outdoors

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Pro Pack

Included items: Carry Pack Fullor Container (3) Free Liquidor Container Dip Containers – 3 pieces set Warm/Cold Thermal Pack

$89 $129

Fast food is generally not healthy.

But what if you could bring your fast food with you from home? 

Cook up something good. Tasty. Healthy. Mmmmm… 

And take it with you in style.

FOLDEAT is the lunchbox reinvented.

Unfold this small bag into a table-mat of any size. And unpack the four stackable leak-proof containers, dip pots and cutlery it hides within.

It’s like Tetris for food!

The modular design expands to fit the four containers if you’re planning on a picnic feast, but also folds down smaller to fit my post-New Year fast “lunch.”

The containers can be paired with included gel packs, which combines with the insulated fabric to keep your food warm.

Or cool!

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