Fingerbot Plus

The Ultimate Robot to Automate Everything

key advantages

  • High Compatibility
  • Customaizable loops
  • Easy Installation




August 2021


Cool TechHousehold

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Limited Super Early Bird – Single Unit

Included items:

1x Adaprox Fingerbot Plus

Limited time offer

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Damn… I’m already in bed, and I don’t want to get up to turn off the light. This, along with many other everyday scenarios can be avoided by making manual functions in your house “Smart.” You no longer need a Nest to turn on the heater or AC before you get home… You no longer need a smart coffee maker to make coffee at a specific time in the morning… you no longer need smart appliances or a smart home… This turns any manual function (anywhere), into a smart one.

  • Automate functions in your home with its mobile application.
  • Control every bot with voice commands, through the app, or with manual touch
  • Create routines and loops with a custom scheduler within the app

Third Party Integration (Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT)


Limited time offer

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