key advantages

  • High quality materials
  • Three Deep & Tall Mesh Pockets
  • Adjustable Strap with Aluminum G-Hook




November 2021


Travel & Outdoors

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Early Bird: Explorer MAX

Included items:

1x Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag 

1x TSA Bag

Limited time offer

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Travel without the vanity”

It’s mid-2021… Do you know what that means?! Jet fuel!!! Well not exactly. But you’re probably getting your bags ready for that long-awaited vacation. 

But like many things of 2020, it’s best to leave some things in the past, like many of your toiletry bags (or sad alternatives). Get yourself together (taxes, auto payments, life… But toiletries are a good start), and get out there!

  • Water-resistant mesh (With a sanitary water-proof toothbrush pocket)
  • Three Deep & Tall Mesh Pockets
  • Stowaway Adjustable Strap with Aluminum G-Hook
  • TSA Removable & Water Resistant Pouch

Limited time offer

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