Travel Pouch With 22 Essentials

key advantages

  • 3.8 pound lightweight
  • Up to 22 essentials in a bag
  • Small, easy to move
  • Affordable




March 2020


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1x EssenPack Classic

Included items:

Gloves, Neck Warmer, Microfiber Towel, Water Bottle, Grocery Bag

$129 $260

Limited time offer

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I love to travel—but more often than not, shit happens…

I’ve been caught in a tropical monsoon without a jacket.

On many a transcontinental flight that’s cold and noisy!

I’ve lost luggage, and been delayed 3 days in a departure lounge…

This week I found EssenPack, and it looks like it’s ready to solve all my past problems and a whole bunch more.

Within it are the 22 essential items a traveler needs. 

“A suitcase?” You say… 

Far from it! 

EssenPack is a super compact travel pouch, that contains everything from a rain jacket to a neck pillow, a blanket to a 40L backpack—all made from ultralight and packable materials.

It takes care of what I need, so I have room for the things I want! (Like a few more bottles of beer)

Limited time offer

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