Powerful Electric Bike

key advantages

  • High-quality 3x7 Speed Gear Shifter
  • Max speed of 20mph
  • 8Ah/36V lithium-ion battery


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1x EPIKGO Electric Bike


EPIKGO Electric Bike is perfectly designed to meet any rider’s mood and experience. Equipped with advanced P.A.S. (Pedal Assist System) technology and an easy Gear shifting feature this e-bike will make your riding fun and adventurous. The 21-Speed Gear Shifting can instantly change gears during riding based on where and how you ride. The creators of EPIKCO paid a lot of attention to the safety side by using Triple Triangle Frame and carbon steel to achieve maximum balance. The top speed is 20mph and it can ascent up to 20° gradients which are enough to ride through muddy forests, crowded city streets, and mountainous areas.

Thanks to the with 8Ah/36V lithium-ion battery you can ride up to 20 miles with a single charge. The EPIKGO electric bike has a powerful headlight to ensure smooth night rides. The e-bike comes with 85% assembled and only a minor installation is required.

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