key advantages

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Brainwave Sensors




May 2022


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Capture Your Brain Signals Through Smart Headphones

Welcome to the age of Digital Connectivity. Smart tech is all around us, optimizing and automating every inch of what we interact with. But we’ve just scratched the surface, or in this case, the brain. These revolutionary headphones will detect and analyze the electrical signals coming from your brain, tell you when you’re most focussed, what music to listen to, and from patterns, tell you when it’s the most optimal time to take a break. One of the smartest products in wearable tech… The future is here. And it’s in your headphones. 

  • EEG brainwave sensors to measure your focus and work habits
  • Curates *your own music to optimize concentration, from genre to time of day
  • Next-Gen Gesture Controls – Mute calls or skip songs without a touch or a word
  • Active noise-canceling removes distractions and auto-mute for notifications when in “Flow”

Limited time offer

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