key advantages

  • App-Enabled Tint Adjustment
  • Integrated Microphone
  • Lightweight and Durable




August 2021


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Dusk | Super Early Bird

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1x Dusk

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Electrochromic Sunglasses – Yeah… They’re Smart

Do you remember the days of Transition Lenses? Those self-tinting glasses that had a mind of their own? You could be inside and they’d still tint a little. Either you just lived with the tint or you lived with basic glasses. No choices and options for the blind. Awesome…

So what about selecting your tint level? Listen to music while later activating a voice assistant all from your spiffy classic wafer frames? Transition lenses may have gone out of style, but by golly, this new invention really struck our eyes… (Cheesy line but, hey, it works…)

  • App-Enabled Tint Adjustment
  • Open Ear Audio with 4 hours of playtime & integrated microphone
  • Polarized Lenses with 7 days of Paired Tint Control
  • Long Battery Life

Limited time offer

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