Draft Top

Beverage Can Opener

key advantages

  • Leaves no sharp edges
  • Works with different sizes of beverage cans




May 2020


EDC Gear

Most popular Perk

1 Draft Top

Included items:

1x Draft Top


Aluminum cans were a great invention.

They’re the most sustainable package for your drinks, lightweight, stackable and strong. They’re the most recyclable. And they seal in that freshness!

But they have that annoying little hole that we all have to drink out of. And what happens when the tab pops off without opening it?!

I wished for all that greatness, with an easy-to-drink open top. And I finally found it!

Draft Top quickly, easily—and most importantly, safely—pops the top off of any can.

It slices around the edge, and folds it automatically, ensuring there are no sharp edges. On the can, and even on the lid!

Down beers in no time, or add ice to a Coca-Cola with this nifty little invention.

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