Compact Hub for MacBook

key advantages

  • Slim
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in cooling pad




March 2020


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DGRule Invisible Hub

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Apple has made some pretty crazy design decisions with massive implications.

Remember headphone jacks? After the iPhone’s deliberate moves, in a few years, many might not.

What about all the display, USB, or HDMI ports… 

The latest MacBook looks amazing, but comes with a lack of the ports that we’re all used to.

Yes, there are a few USB-C ports, and interestingly enough, they thought the headphone jack was a necessity on a laptop computer!

But what about everything else?

DGRule macbook hub have come to the rescue with an integrated port extension to the MacBook. 

It’s so thin, that looking at it, nobody will even realize anything’s different! Doubts should have already left you, as it shows up as the best USB hub for Macbook Pro!

The slim bar—that also raises the keyboard for comfort—adds another 10 ports to your powerful laptop, and makes it truly unbeatable.

Limited time offer

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