Versatile Urban Backpack

key advantages

  • Compact organization system
  • Contour lights
  • Retractable charging cable




October 2020


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DAWN Backpack Bundle

Included items:

1x DAWN Backpack 1x Laptop Sleeve, Rain Cover, Camera Bag, Packing Cube, Toiletry Bag

Limited time offer

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We have compartments everywhere. For our socks. For our forks. For our coins. Even for ourselves.

But this all stops the moment we walk out the door with a bag containing an unorganized mess of cables, devices, pens and personal belongings in one large pocket.

DAWN is the coolest and most practical EDC backpack. With a pocket for everything and more.

The modular backpack has sleek lights so you’re visible at night, retractable cords for chargers and keys, and even magnetic attachments for small items like AirPods! 

Just don’t jump about or get on a crowded subway… 

It comes in two colors. A cool gray. Or an even cooler gray.

And if you think it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg, don’t worry. Peter McKinnon didn’t attach his name to this one. You get the same idea. Same quality. For much less!

Limited time offer

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