key advantages

  • Crash detector
  • Ride tracker (documents exact data)
  • Integrated dashcam




August 2021


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DASHBIKE Officer Package

Included items:

1x High-visibility waistcoat

1x Dashbike Sticker-set

Limited time offer

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Lights… Camera… Dashbike?

Alright, we’re not setting you up for a Hollywood movie scene, but if you’re an everyday cyclist, you might as well be getting ready for an action scene. You walk out the door, get on your bike, you’re riding in the bike lane (if there is one…) and boom, someone opens their car door, merges onto the sidewalk (for whatever reason), or closely tailgates you as if you are a larger vehicle.

Sounds excessive but maybe take a look on Youtube for these outlandish bike accident videos. So sometimes, it’s best to be prepared, and potentially have equipment that’ll save your life. So in every sense of the phrase, “Lights, Camera, Action!”

  • Integrated dashcam (records video evidence)
  • Passing distance measurement
  • Daytime running lights & Rear lights
  • Crash detector
  • Ride tracker (documents exact data)

Limited time offer

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