Distributed Cloud Storage

key advantages

  • One-time payment which makes it super affordable
  • Up to 4TB secure storage for each cell
  • Suggest expending cloud storage via attaching more cells




January 2021


Cool Tech

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1x Cubbit Cell

Included items:

Cubbit Cell 1TB – Up to 4TB
Ethernet cable
Up to 4 independent accounts
Priority shipping



Constant messages of your iCloud storage being full can be a real buzzkill, as can the constant reminders of upcoming monthly fees.

Cubbit decentralized cloud storage is a small, sleek device that makes online cloud storage issues a thing of the past.

This plug-and-cloud device connects to your router and out-of-the-box gives you 512GB of super-fast cloud storage, wherever you are in the world.

And if you need more space you can plug in any hard drive, new or old, and turn them into your own private cloud storage. Imagine that.. up to 4TB of free secure cloud storage!

Cubbit also provides military-grade security, unlike typical cloud storage companies. All your data will be encrypted so that privacy is 100% guaranteed. It’s impossible for anyone to access your data, even the Cubbit team can’t break the encryption.

And if even if something were to happen to your Cubbit cell, your data will be perfectly safe and accessible anywhere, as redundancy ensures that it’s safely encrypted across Cubbit cells all over the globe.

Cubbit even reduces the internet’s carbon footprint, running on low-consumption ARM processors, with no need for data centers, and low consumption energy transfers due to Cubbit’s geographic proximity, as data is sent across a room and not across the globe.

Going at 289 euros, and with its limitation of 1GB of cloud storage for every 2GB you connect to the device, it may be pricey. But the fact that it offers decentralized, fully encrypted and backed-up secure cloud storage free for life, has earned it top place on this week’s Tech I Want list.

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