Pocket Computer, Mobile Phone and Camera

key advantages

  • Physical backlit keyboard
  • Touchscreen display
  • 24MP camera
  • External 2" touchscreen when device is closed




December 2019


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Cosmo Communicator

Included items:

Cosmo Communicator (4G+Wifi)

$749 $861 

Back in 2017, Planet Computers came up with an amazing project that put a fully functional phone-sized computer in your pocket. 

A crazy idea. And it ended up raising over $2.5 million and getting delivered to nearly 1,500 happy backers!

This year they’re back, and their campaign is proving to be just as successful.

Look at the front, and you’ll see a small screen and fingerprint-activated button to look at messages and answer calls. Above it is a 24MP camera.

Open the clam, and you’ll find a full backlit keyboard facing a 6’’ 2K touchscreen!

With its octacore processor and 6GB RAM, this phone/laptop/PDA/madness can run full Linux—not Android (well, Android too through multiboot!), but a full blown PC operating system! 

Let that sink in.

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