CIGA Design

Mechanical Titanium Watch

key advantages

  • Obviously the design
  • Sophisticated transparent system
  • Curved sapphire crystal
  • Skin friendly




February 2020


DesignWearable Tech Gadgets

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1x CIGA Watch

Included items:

CIGA Design Titanium Watch
Silicone Strap
Gift- Leather Strap

$249 $380

Limited time offer

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Have you noticed how people don’t wear watches anymore? Why is that?

Is it because they have phones that tell the time?

But was a watch’s function really ever just that? I think for most, it’s a fashion statement. 

But watches today follow the same tired design. Copied pasted. Minimalism without aesthetics. Cheap to produce, easy to markup.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I enjoy tech. I enjoy looking under the hood. How do things work?

CIGA lets me do that with time. 

Look under the hood of curved sapphire glass at the transparent interior that shows all the automatic gears swinging around in sync. 

Titanium, light, distinctive. I haven’t worn a watch in years, but CIGA, count me in!

Limited time offer

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