An Everyday Bag Made From Nature

key advantages

  • Handmade designer piece
  • Versatile backpack
  • Organic Cork: 3 times lighter than leather




March 2020


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bobobark – Early Bird Price

Items included:

1x bobobark bag

$199  $279

The fashionable? The classic? The ethical? The aesthetic? The backpack? Or the briefcase?

Our resources are scarce. How about all in one?

Bobobark solves the tedious quest of a convenient and fashionable bag!

Wear Bobobark as a backpack to classes, take it on the plane as a shoulder bag, then remove a couple of straps to maneuver it into an elegant piece for a late-night party.

Traipsing through your busy, hectic life? Maybe you’re a consultant at Morgan Stanley, or maybe you’re on your way to becoming one? Then you’ll appreciate this mindful gesture to help you keep your things organized.

Bobobark has a separate compartment to keep your laptop, a zippered pocket and another card-sized pocket. It’s even got a long pocket for a powerbank and easy zip access for your phone while it’s being charged.

Bobobark is made to last. Are you a travel freak? You may want to take it for a refreshing morning hike. Be brave and jump over the river. In case you slip through your plans and land right in the water, rest assured Bobobark is waterproof.

Actually, never mind, it’s designed for urban use.

But the rest holds true.

Bobobark will bring much-needed relief to your compassionate, thoughtful self. No more hypocrisy! You can now feel good knowing that no animals were harmed so that you could continue strutting your fashionable look.

Bobobark is made of premium cork and is beyond sustainable.

Am I doing it right by posting this here? I should probably just message Greta Thunberg directly. She would do a 10X better job than me. How dare you to keep me lingering on this for a day?

Bobobark is a true feat and this was just a fraction of all its features. The rest you need to see! I won’t spoil it.

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