Banala Lite

Smart Sleep-Cycle-Inducing System

key advantages

  • Stimulates you through each stage of the sleep cycle
  • Headache relief
  • Reduced anxiety




January 2020


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Banala Lite

Included items:

1x Banala light

$35 $45

Tired of sleepless nights?

Are you the cranky guy or gal in the office that CANNOT be spoken to until you’ve had your morning joe.

Well, news flash, with current social norms, that’s kinda obnoxious.

It’s your sleep, buddy, not getting a full cycle of sleep can leave any Dr. Jekyll feeling like a Mr. Hyde.

But we’ve found the perfect cure for sleepless nights: Banala.

Banala is a cute little device that matches tone signals to every stage of sleep so that your brain receives additional help and optimizes your sleep. Phew, that was a mouthful.

You have several stages of sleep, including the initial stage, REM (not the band!), and deep sleep. Banala basically creates tones specifically for each stage, and—as easy as that—insomnia is banished from the kingdom.

People have stated that they’ve experienced all sorts of positives in their life after trying Banala, including better attention span, improved moods, more energy, and even better sex drive.

That’s right, this little box will make your significant other’s life better too, in more ways than one.

Convinced? Just click the button, and you too can say goodnight to all those rotten nights of tossing and turning and wondering whether sleep is just not really your thing!

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