Atom XL

Indestructible radio phone

key advantages

  • Walkie Talkie function
  • Global LTE support
  • 48 MP Camera
  • Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof




June 2020


Phone & Accessories

Most popular Perk

KS Special – Atom XL

Included items:

1x Atom XL

$259 $329

Limited time offer

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Normally, I’m not too excited about mobile phone campaigns. 

There’s a lot of tech that goes into them, and getting it all right is usually too high a goal for your typical campaigner.

But UniHertz is a name to look out for—them I trust. 

After 3 successful campaigns, that raised over $2 million and saw tens of thousands of happy backers, Atom XL is back with new amazing features.

And now they’re back, with their most adventurous phone yet!

The 48MP camera is 4x more powerful than the latest iPhone camera.

It’s shock, dust and waterproof—so you can swim with it in a sea of dusty rocks.

It has a low-power hardware radio, to communicate in the field.

And a battery that will last you 3 whole days! 

This is definitely not just your typical Android phone…

Limited time offer

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