Biktrix Juggernaut HD Duo

Ultimate Range E-Bike

key advantages

  • Integrated 200 lumens headlight for visibility
  • Dual integrated battery system
  • Smart pedal assist sensor




March 2021


Travel & Outdoors

Most popular Perk

Juggernaut 750W Duo

Included items:

1x Set of Juggernaut 750W HD Duo

Limited time offer

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Your Ride to Another State. Literally

Ever been curious to see what it feels like to go the distance? Tour de France riders make it look easy. Can you go toe to toe? 200 miles?

No? Too bad. Because 200 miles just got easy.

Literally, ride from New York to Philly on a single charge. Not only WILL you get there… but you’ll get there fast pushing a 35 mph pace.

Need to say more?

Suspension… Hydraulic Brakes… 

No, I think we’re good here.

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Limited time offer

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