Smart Bedroom Hub

key advantages

  • Scheduled Lighting
  • Wireless charging
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • CO2 Sensor


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Prime Blackwood

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zLight Prime Blackwood

$104 USD $200

Have a tough time sleeping? And an even tougher time waking up?

zLight is a smart bedroom hub leading the fight against insomnia.

Using cutting-edge technology and some neat tricks, zLight is designed to make even the roughest sleepers find that peaceful bliss.

It has 3 main built-in functions to ensure better sleep.

It uses lighting in a simple yet ingenious way. Rather than having to get up, look at the time, see it’s too early, and then try (and fail!) to go back to sleep—just look over at zLight without raising your head, and judging by the color of the light, decide on whether you need to get up yet or not.

The color gradient is customizable in the mobile app, and changes over time.

Its wireless charging can be used by up to 3 devices by just placing them on the box. Forget about searching for your socket in the dark.

We were also surprised by the sensors installed within. They monitor your room for CO2, humidity and temperature levels—as these play a big part in your sleep cycle—and offer suggestions for how to improve your sleep environment.

Of course, this is no guarantee, insomnia can be caused by a whole range of issues. zLight might not solve all your sleep woes.

But even if it doesn’t. It’s just such a sleek cool product that we can’t wait to throw our old radio-clock in the bin and replace it with this sweet bedroom design item.

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