Foldable & Proactive Bike Lock

key advantages

  • 3 methods for unlocking: Fingerprint, Bluetooth, and Spare Key
  • Lock sharing
  • Waterproof




March 2020


Travel & Outdoors

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Included items:

Custom Bracket Kit

$100 $182

How many times have you lost your bike lock’s key? Or forgotten the new password you changed because you thought that shifty-looking person saw you fill in your old one?

With Ziilock, unlocking your bike is a breeze.

It has 3 unlocking features: fingerprint, bluetooth and key. So you have many options to get your bike, and don’t have to worry about losing that darn key.

Unlike regular bike locks, it’s made of reinforced steel so breaking this bugger will be quite a task for those pesky thieves. Its endurance is really reliable, resistant to drilling, picking, shearing, waterboarding—even the most expert thief will have a tough time breaking this lock.

And even if they do manage to crack your impenetrable fortress, you’ll also be able to connect Ziilock to your phone so it will also notify you the moment someone tries to snatch your trusty steed.

We love this idea, that even when you’re away from your bike you can always keep an eye on it. If only it had a camera… maybe on the Ziilock 2?

Having said that, it’s still a pretty suave looking thing, and not as big and bulky as regular bike locks.

We’re looking forward to trying this out, I just hope I don’t hit the pavement and burn my fingerprints off, smash my phone and lose my key down the drain, all in one go… or I can’t see myself getting my bike back! Although I guess I’ll have bigger problems at that point.

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