Woojer Edge

Feel Sound Like Never Before

key advantages

  • 100% silent
  • High-fidelity analog amplifier
  • Subsonic: high resolution haptic feedback
  • 8 hour playtime




February 2020


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Strap Edge

Included Items

Woojer Strap Edge Carrying Pouch

$99 $179

Stereo sound and bone-conducting technology is old news. Immersive audio sound is the hot new gig.

Forever change the way you experience music, films & video games!

Sound is air movement that typically spreads as an audible wave of pressure. Headphones gather that audible part, but you’re missing out on the movement.

That’s where Woojer steps in—by enabling you to enjoy both aspects of sound.

The next-generation immersive audio you’ve never heard is revolutionizing virtual reality!

Simply put on the strap or vest, connect the audio and start feeling the sound.

The Woojer Edge is a transducer device that allows you to strap some haptic bass to your chest and hear and feel the sound three-dimensionally through your muscles.

Revolutionizing music production and consumption without giving you a heart attack!

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