Compact Underwater Scooter

key advantages

  • Lightweight
  • Mount for smartphone
  • Buoyancy regulator
  • Charging time
  • Price




Jun 2020


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Most popular Perk

Super Early Bird – Beginner Pack

Included items:

1x WhiteShark MixPro(with floater and battery)

$399 $699

Limited time offer

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What’s that in my pool?! Is it a shark? Is it a dolphin? Is it a Merman? No!

Well, almost… it’s my kid spinning around on his WhiteShark!

And after the intense OYO workout, this is exactly what we all need. 

Become a PowerFish as you glide through the water at speeds of up to 4 mph for 60 minutes on a single charge!

Float above corals. Take a breath and dive to depths of 130 feet in seconds. Perform aquabatics. Enjoy the waves through your hair.

And finally prove to your high-school swimming instructor that all those hours of kick drills really didn’t matter.

How? By attaching your phone or GoPro to its mount and snapping the most envy-inducing pics!

Just remember, you’re not actually a shark. And you can’t outrun one either!

Limited time offer

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