Wearbuds Pro

Hi-Fi Audio On-Wrist Earbuds

key advantages

  • All on-wrist style
  • User-friendly app control
  • Long battery life (15 hrs)




November 2020


Wearable Tech Gadgets

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Included items:

1x Wearbuds Pro
1x Wearbuds Pro Charging Cable
2x Eartips

$199    $109   


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The Meta Way to Listen to Pink Floyd’s ‘Time’

Everything nowadays either comes with a mess of cables or a charging case. Headphones, watches, even toothbrushes!

But when you’re in a rush, do you remember to grab all the cases? Do you have the time?

What if time was your solution?

Wearbuds is a watch, and wireless earbuds — in one sleek package… 

Like wearing your AirPod case on your wrist, if the case was also an Apple Watch.

15h of battery life. Smart watch. Heart rate & activity tracking. Sleep tracking. Music control… 

As you can see, this is not Wearbuds’ first rodeo — they’ve listened to backers and reviews on Amazon, and improved their product to perfection!

Food for thought: Now my watch has headphones, I wonder what’s next. Glasses for my shoes?

Limited time offer

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