WalkingPad R1 Pro

Truly Foldable Treadmill

key advantages

  • Compact and foldable
  • Dual-mode exercise both for running and walking
  • 3 modes of control: Remote control, free control and app control




January 2020


Cool TechHousehold

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WalkingPad R1 Pro and 6 more items

$434 $700

And getting fit can be an uncomfortable chore too. Jogging in the rain and cold, dodging cars… these things can leave anyone teetering on giving up!

But still, we all know that working out is important. And that’s why WalkingPad seems like such an awesome idea.

It’s an evolution of the treadmill—one of those devices people buy and store in their basement, never to see the light of day again—but in a compact form that ensures its continued use.

Exercise in the comfort of your own home, your office, or wherever and whenever you like.

This modern treadmill is foldable to the extent where it takes up as little space as possible.

It goes from nearly 1.5 meters length down to 15 centimeters in the blink of an eye!

With wheels attached and both vertical and horizontal storing positions
It’s super easy to move and store around your house.

And at just $399, it’s a steal! Say goodbye to your gym membership…

OK, so it’s not as portable as running shoes—it weighs 33kg—but still, WalkingPad is a great way to get fit in the comfort of your own humble abode.

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