Handy Vacuum Compressor

key advantages

  • Supports both air inflow and outflow
  • Lightweight and small
  • Compatible with most vacuum bags in the market




February 2020


HouseholdTravel & Outdoors

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“vide” complete set

Included items:

“vide” air compressor, Sucking Cup (Set of 2), Bumping Kit (Set of 2), Traveller Pouch, “vide” vacuum bag

$52 $22


So now I’ve shrunk my essentials, what about the rest?

We often think about how much weight we carry when we travel, but what about volume?

Some things might not weigh much, but take up an absurd amount of room! 

Like a basketball. Or a zeppelin. Or more seriously, clothes.

I just found out that I can shrink things by up to 50% if I vacuum all the air out!

And with vide, I can do just that.

This tiny, 85x40mm device can suck like no other. 

It can deflate clothes, basketballs, and worries… 

Put it in reverse, and inflate your blow-up toys. Like beach balls!

Because it’s not just good at sucking, it’s good at blowing too!

Just watch out what you put in its mouth, or you might end up shrinking things irrevocably… 

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