360 Degree Smart Dash Cam

key advantages

  • 360° camera system with 4k recording
  • Sleep prevention alerts by AI
  • Auto accident detection
  • 4G/ WiFi/GPS support




March 2020


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Vezo 360

Included items:

Vezo 360
Windshield Mount
Power Plug and Charging Cable

$229 $299

A core instrument of the cityscape orchestra—the car alarm.

Perhaps the most annoying and most ignored sound ever. 

I don’t know what mine sounds like, and even if I did, there are another 20 within hearing distance that probably sound just like it!

That is the smallest problem that Vezo 360 degree dash cam solves.

Dashcams are a dime a dozen right now, but what amazed me about this 4K 360 camera for car is: 

  • It’s always on, filming your car’s surroundings for suspicious activity and alerting you through its cellular service.
  • It has no blind spots—no matter who hits you, or from where, it always captures the situation.
  • And it recognizes your face, and thanks to AI processing, can ring alarms if it realizes you’re looking drowsy!

Drive safe and worry free? Yes, please.

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