key advantages

  • Thermoregulating with 288 Air Cells
  • Dual-Sided surfaces
  • Aerodynamic Cooling Channels




August 2021



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1x Vesta Pillow

1x Vesta Premium Silk Pillowcase

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The Pillow That Is Cooler Than The Other Side Of Your Pillow

Like the saying goes… “cooler than the other side of your pillow.” But how cool is the other side? Facing dead-of-summer heat with a broken air-conditioner, sometimes the other side is just a pipe-dream.

Unless of course, you have a multi-faceted thermoregulating pillow that features 2 different support systems. So if you’re a side sleeper, face sleeper, upsidedown sleeper, this pillow has the support you’ll need.

  • Dual-Sided surfaces to match sleep style
  • Cloud Side for soft support, Firm Side for structured support
  • Thermoregulating with 288 Air Cells & Mica Cooling Fabric
  • Aerodynamic Cooling Channels

Limited time offer

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