Air Purification Face Mask

key advantages

  • Enhanced Dual Filtration
  • Replaceable Filters
  • Flexible Straps
  • Skin-Friendly Silicone




October 2020


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Included items:

1x UVMask 10x UVMask Replaceable Filters USB-C Charging Cable

Limited time offer

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Masks are everywhere now. Different shapes. Colors. Sizes. 

But they’re all essentially offering little more than false hope.

With UVMask — you can channel the power of Bane against the current global situation. 

It not only filters all particles, dust, pollution, and other particles 100x smaller than a grain of flour… 

But it’s the first mask ever to offer true real-time UV-C light sterilization.

The reusable mask will serve you until the end of days — killing 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria and airborne pathogens, 10x faster than you can breathe!

No fogged glasses. No labored breathing. Just a breath of fresh air.

Stay safe.

Limited time offer

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