Everyday Ultrasonic Cleaner

key advantages

  • Small and portable
  • Fast cleaning
  • Quiet Eco-friendly




June 2020


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1x Ultrasona

$95 $200

Have you ever wondered how hospitals clean their surgical instruments?

No. Not with a dishwasher. 

They use ultrasound to dislodge all the grime and gore.

And now, Ultrasona brings the power of microscopic ultrasonic sterilization to your pocket.

It eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and dirt, using 40x less water than a washing machine.

It makes no noise, won’t fade or damage your clothes, takes up almost no space, and cleans faster!

Wash anything you can put in water. From clothes to baby toys. Cutlery to fruit.

Stick it in a bath and wash yourself! 

You won’t be able to read minds though. Do you know who gained that power after falling into his bathtub?

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