AI powered Autonomous Lawn Robot

key advantages

  • Wireless power
  • AI powered Autonomous movement
  • Easy Installation




November 2020



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Included items:

1x Toadi Available Colors: White, Gold and Silver

$2283 $2775

Limited time offer

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Does your gardener make sure your lawn is mowed 24/7? 

Is she as cute as Toadi? 

This AI-powered lawn mower wakes up every morning to trim your grass, using mulching technology to ensure the grass underneath grows faster and stronger.

Manufactured locally, Toadi is ready to face any season, anywhere…  

Cutting up to a football field’s worth of grass, noiselessly and tirelessly.

And to top it off, like a cute guard dog, she has adorable eyes for you — but will take pictures of and chase intruders off your lawn!

Never worry about time wasted on the boring chore of cutting grass. And avoid those hefty fines and pesky neighbors!

Limited time offer

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