Wall-Mount Workout Timer

key advantages

  • Portable & magnetic
  • Anti-glare
  • Durable




December 2020


DesignTools & Gear

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The Bird (1x Timer)

Included items:

1x Timer
1x Protective Sleeve
1x Charging Cable 

Limited time offer

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Your Own Personal Trainer… 1, 2, 3. Go!

Workouts are precise. They depend on form. And time.

But trying to balance 220 lbs and check your watch or tiny phone screen at the same time is not only annoying… it’s dangerous!

And what happens when your phone screen decides to turn off? Or somebody stands in front of the wall clock?

Timebirds is your own personal wall clock. Clear. Elegant. Magnetic.

Stick it anywhere you want and keep track of your repetitions — for up to 8 hours!

Level up your home gym, or show off at the gym — with your own personal trainer.


Limited time offer

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