4TB/2TB High Capacity SSD

key advantages

  • 1050MB/s read/write speed & 4TB storage
  • Magnetic case with exchangeable memory
  • Durable design (built-in cooling fan)
  • Lightweight and portable




September 2020


EDC Gear

Most popular Perk

Early Bird 2TB

Included items:

1x SpeedSSD 2TB
1x Silicone Shield
1x USB Type-C to C Cable (20 cm)
1x USB Type C to A Cable (20 cm)

Limited time offer

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The Save Icon Needs an Update

Do you remember floppy disks? (aka the ‘save’ icon for the younger generations)

1.44 MB… 70 kB/s transfers… a wonky disk-in-a-box design with a clicky head that was fun to snap open and closed… until it failed.

We really can’t complain nowadays, especially now that SpeedSSD is here to change that.

Their 4 TB SSD has 1 GB/s+ read/write speed over USB-C!

It’s durable. It fits in your pocket. It has inbuilt fans to keep it cool. And it weighs less than a Snickers bar.

You can even connect it to your camera or phone to record high-quality footage in real-time!

Limited time offer

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