key advantages

  • 3 versatile modes: air-, gesture-, joystick-mouse
  • Charging cradle serves as a joystick mouse
  • Connects wirelessly through Bluetooth




March 2021


Cool Tech

Most popular Perk

Early Bird Single Pack

Included items:

1x Snowl Module
1x Metal Ring
3x Black & 3x White Silicone Rings
1x Charging Cradle

Limited time offer

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Control Your Screen, The Tony Stark Way

Things just got pretty cool… And the age where we can use our technology to mirror the likeness of Tony Stark is here.

There’s no need for a pen.

There’s no need for a mouse. 

All you need is your finger… and the power of your technology is within your hands.

Powered by AI, you can seamlessly maneuver through its 3 modes, Air Mouse, Gesture, and Joystick, whichever suits your needs. Easily connected through Bluetooth, you can walk around the entire room, and control your screen with ease. 

It’s the flagship device for usability.

Use it as a mouse, use it as a clicker. Use it for gaming… Use it!


Limited time offer

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