Sequent Watches

Hybrid Smart Watch

key advantages

  • Normal looking smart watch that tracks all your activities
  • Automatic self-winding timepiece
  • Premium and eco-friendly components




March 2020


DesignWearable Tech Gadgets

Most popular Perk

Space Grey

Included items:

Watch Strap

$200 $300

Get a load of this Swiss beauty. Phwoar.

But it ain’t just a beauty… It has an ace up its sleeve.

​Sequent converts kinetic energy as you slug around, into… UNLIMITED POWER.

So unless you’re in a vegetative state, you know your smartwatch is always charged as you go about your life.

It’s got Swiss in the title, so you know it’s legit. With award-winning engineering, and premium components it really is the be-all and end-all of the watch world.

But that’s not all, kids! It’s eco-friendly—using kinetic energy and not needing to buy batteries, but also with all its materials sourced from 100% eco-friendly ocean-based sources.

This team gets it! What’s the point of knowing the time when the world is submerged in water?

It might look like your everyday premium-designed analog watch, but there’s even more tech-magic going on here.

GPS and high precision sensors track your movements—and that’s not just for the NSA, connect Sequent Watch to your phone, and have all the info you need in the palm of your hand.

The mechanical hands themselves, even show daily performance indicators with the touch of a button.

Check out the link and don’t be too surprised when you realize that it’s affordable too!

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