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August 2020



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The Halo

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The Halo Sandsara

$150 $499

Mental Orgasm Through This Beach Ball

So you’re stuck at home?

You’ve got your spidey-sense space helmet. You’ve got wine on tap. You’ve got your home-grown organic food. Now for some distractioooooooooooooooooooooooo…

Whoops! Sorry, I zoned out just looking at this!

There are only a few things you can watch eternally. Fire. Waves. Angelina Jolie… and now, Sandsara.

This visual massage brings Buddhist peace, as Sandsara spins its Zen-like patterns around your own personal rock garden.

So I’m turning off Stranger Things—I don’t need more stressful end-of-world Netflix shows right now. 

And instead, I’ll be riding the line between a calm mind and a mental orgasm as the world around me burns.

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