ROTO-Q 360

Non-Electric Cooking Machine

key advantages

  • Non electric
  • Self rotation
  • Easy folding
  • Indoor/Outdoor usage


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ROTO-Q 360 Basic Set All the Accessories

$85 $155


Because once you ride your e-bike 40 miles into the sunset, you’ll have worked up an appetite!

Lucky for you, ROTO-Q is an off-the-grid foldable rotisserie that you can take anywhere.

No power. No gas. No fuel… you’d think, “No cooked chicken!”

And you’d be right. But the beauty of this barbecue-lover’s spinning sausage party is its simplicity. 

All you need to do is wind it like you would your grandpa’s pocket watch, and choose your heat source—it fits in your oven, it’ll fit over your fire pit, you could even sun-dry your tomatoes if you had the time!

Level up this July 4th, as the mesmerizing flames of a barbecue attract your guests, and the spinning ROTO-Q keeps them questioning their life choices and the rolling wheels of karma.

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