360 Video Chat Device

key advantages

  • 360° video chat
  • Hand gesture recognition
  • Compatible with any video chat app




April 2020


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We use our devices throughout our day. At work, at home. And it’s about to turn into Minority Report-level sci-fi with Rimo.

Rimo allows you to use your device hands-free, completely!

Rimo might look like a simple phone holder, but it uses sensors to follow the movement of your hands, recognizing your commands accordingly. It even works at 360 degrees so wherever you move, it will follow.

The sleek wireless device works as soon as it is connected to your phone. No set up or bluetooth needed.

Now think of the possibilities with that. Whether you are cooking, typing on your computer, cleaning your room, or looking after your kids. You won’t be restricted by your phone!

Though your friends and relatives may get a full view when you cut your finger on the chopping board, we still think this is a cool gizmo.

Rimo can also be used as a home security camera, and even has apps and games which really bring to life the futuristic hand gestures.

While the technology is new, and might not quite work as perfectly as we’d hope—given all the sci-fi movies we grew up on—it’s great that Rimo is ushering in this new age, and we can’t wait to support its development.

We’re looking forward to this device saving us time, but also just surprising our friends and family with movie-like functionality!

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