Battery Grip For Mobile Phones

key advantages

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Qi fast wireless Charging
  • USB-C PD (Input&Output) for cable charging


estimated delivery

Best choice

Starter Kit

Included items:

1x ProGrip

1x Cold Shoe Mount Adapter

1x Hand Strap and ProGrip Pouch

$119 $199


A while back, phones tried to replace cameras.

Now it’s time for phones to truly become them. And bring back the satisfying experience of taking photographs.

ProGrip is a battery pack, docking station, case… and an ergonomic DSLR-like grip!

With 5,200 mAh of extra juice (nearly double an iPhone’s), you’ll be shooting pictures all day, clicking on its speedy Bluetooth-activated shutter.

Because even though phones are now super slim, Apple and every other brand have forgotten that you also need to use your phone outside your pocket. 

Using their amazing cameras should feel as amazing as ProGrip.

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