Portable Pocket-Size Printer

key advantages

  • Lightweight
  • Print on textile, paper, ceramics, glass, metal, wood, leather, skin
  • Upload anything on app and print right away




November 2019


Cool TechEDC Gear

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Early Bird (2nd)

Included items:

PrintPen main body
PrintPen App

$119 $199

Printers are so 2000.

Enter PrintPen. Gone are the days where you can only print on A4 sheets of paper.

With PrintPen you can print on whatever you can get your hands on.

Just enter what you want to be printed on the pad and with a click of a button you can print on any surface.

Perfect for anyone who’s artsy or someone who can’t help graffitiing on everything.

Glass, wood, ceramics, leather, textiles and even skin. There is no material that PrintPen cannot deface.

Say adios to sitting on your ass and waiting for your printer, a starving artist like yourself has no time for non-creative endeavors!

PrintPen connects via Wi-Fi so you can transfer the image of whatever you want to be printed, and print away. As long as you have wifi, you’re good to go.

And it only weighs about 250g making it so light that you can take it anywhere.

Check out PrintPen and take your artistic journey to the next level.

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