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Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

Elevate your frozen pizza game, while being high.

The Pizzazz Plus Rotating Pizza Oven is a pretty interesting innovation in cooking technology. With its rotating tray, you can cook all of that pizza evenly! Additionally, it separates top-cooking elements from bottom heating elements, so they’re not fighting each other to get their job done.

Buy new at $53.89

With a design that does not transfer heat into the kitchen and uses up very little electricity, it is no wonder why this Pizzazz Pizza Oven by Presto has been such an appealing choice for singles living in apartments or dorm rooms and anyone interested in easy cooking.

With its easy-to-clean surface and simple operations, you can enjoy making your pizza without worrying about any of the mess! And it has a timer as well! It signals the end of cooking time and automatically shuts off heating elements.

presto pizza oven

Hey, it’s not just for pizza tho. You can unleash your creativity with it. The Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven is also great for preparing frozen convenience foods such as chicken nuggets, jalapeño poppers, fish fillets, and more. 

I’m pretty sure that you will be extremely excited to use the pizzazz plus while you’re high.

Buy new at $53.89

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