Smart Workout/Yoga Mat

key advantages

  • AI Coaching
  • Smart Camera
  • Community
  • World Class Instructors




October 2020



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Included items:

1x OTARI Mat 1x OTARI HD Display & Camera OTARI Membership – 6 months

$429 $795

Limited time offer

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Otari is your foldable personal trainer robot. 

Not to be confused with Atari. 

Although the way this screen gamifies your workout and yoga sessions, you’ll soon forget the effort you’re putting in and start enjoying being away from the gym!

Step onto the mat and follow your personal trainer on screen for the most laser precise workouts ever!

Its smart AI-enabled camera tracks your body position and movements, gives you immediate feedback, and shows you how to achieve the perfect workout.

So if holding that upside down dog pose wasn’t hard enough already, get ready to adjust those limbs an inch this or that way, so the Buddha himself would be proud!

After the failure of the Xbox Kinect, it might be hard to imagine its machine learning software being powerful enough. But its Arrow Certification proves it’s tested and ready for manufacturing!

Just make sure you turn it off, or you’ll have your 3rd grade teacher correcting everything you do… “Close the fridge door, Danniel! No, you’re not hungry. Go work out!”

Limited time offer

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