Orb Drop III

A Self-Built Marble Run Track

key advantages

  • Composite design
  • Entertaining for people of all ages
  • LED lights changing between 7 colors




April 2021


Cool Tech

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Orb Drop III – Single

Included items:

1x Orb Drop III

Limited time offer

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DaVinci’s Personal Therapeutic Toy

Legend has it… Years ago, a few centuries to be exact, a man named DaVinci created a therapy toy to help sick patients combat the plague. How did it work? Supposedly, metal balls would roll through a track, flowing like water one after another.

After staring in awe and pure bliss, patients would snap out of this therapeutic trance and instantly feel better about their condition.

Is this true? Well, “legend has it…”

You might use the excuse that you’re buying this “for your kids,” but deep down, you know it’s for you. We all want the therapeutic bliss that comes with Orb Drop. Who can resist?

The mental cure during isolation is here.


Limited time offer

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