Oclean X Pro

Smart Sonic Toothbrush

key advantages

  • Follows the cleaning and gives you instructions on how to clean your teeth
  • Alerts you to the areas you neglect most during cleaning
  • Offers four cleaning modes: Clean, White, Massage and Sensitive




January 2020



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Oclean X Pro

Included Items:

Oclean X Pro Brush Handle
Brush Head
Charging Mount

$430 $619

Times are changing.

We now have screens on walls, doors, cars, fridges… And everything’s smart. 

Why would I need a smart TV but not a smart toothbrush?

Oclean X Pro is a powerful toothbrush, with a screen. Its brushless motor moves at over 700 brushes per second—that’s over 130x faster than your hand!

It can massage your gums, clean your teeth and you can personalize the level of intensity to your oral sensitivities.

But its highlight is the screen, which shows the results of its smart scanning of your mouth, and reminds you to brush certain areas again!

With its handy case you can take the portable brush anywhere and use it for up to 30 days between charges.

And of course, it has an app!

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