AI Powered PTZ Webcam

key advantages

  • Gesture control
  • AI tracking
  • 2-axis Gimbal




October 2020


EDC Gear

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Included items:

1x OBSBOT Tiny

$109  $199


Limited time offer

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Nobody wants to watch the world’s worst movie. No plot. Horrible dialogue. Undeveloped characters. Poor lighting. Bad framing…

Yet we all watch it every day. Brought to us by Zoom and Google Meet.

What if you could get your very own cameraman to track you smoothly in every call?

That’s OBSBOT. And you don’t even need to feed him!

This AI-powered camera is perfect for expressive conversations. Giving you the freedom to pace as you talk. To present. To conference call. And to become the life of your group calls!

Warning: This is for the bold. The people with nothing to hide. You can’t escape the shot for a quick sip of water — or beer!

Limited time offer

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