Norm Glasses

AR Smart Glasses

key advantages

  • Take pictures
  • Record videos or live broadcast
  • Scan product barcodes
  • Listen to music and audio books
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation




April 2020


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Included items:

Norm Glasses
Carrying Case

$349 $449

Neo called, he wants his glasses back.

Despite their regular Ray-Ban wayfarer, “Risky Business” appearance, these glasses are like.. nowhere near normal.

In fact, Norm Glasses are about to redefine your experience of normal forever by bringing the digital world right in front of your eyes, LITERALLY.

Our digitally-beaten down heart’s flutter at the thought of:

  • No more neck aches from looking down at a phone.
  • No more having to fumble with messy fingers or busy hands.

Norm Glasses are the augmented reality smart glasses of your dreams,
complete with voice recognition, speakers, camera and display. This
means you can translate languages, listen to music and podcasts, answer
phone calls, and take photos and videos… from A PAIR OF GLASSES!

You would think this was just a promotional stunt for the release of The Matrix 4, but no, they’re real! And each pair features a mini-computer synced with your phone to give you full hands free freedom.

Even better, these puppies come in the form of eyeglasses and sunglasses, too!

So, get ready to live out your 13-year-old Matrix fantasy with Norm Glasses, the next generation of smart glasses. Think of them as the easiest way to get your Gen Z child to think you’re cool.

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