key advantages

  • Digital keyboard with customizable layout
  • Customizable alphabet & language settings
  • Wide e-paper screen




September 2021


Cool Tech

Most popular Perk

Early Bird Nemeio

Included items:

1x Nemeio


Limited time offer

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The Global Ambassador of Keyboard

Typing on your keyboard… You’re zoned in. Fingers are flying. The sound of the keys sounds like a tropical storm; rain pounding on an aluminum roof.


Your friend asks for a quick edit. OF COURSE! Nothing can stop you anyway… You go in for the correction and whatttt?!?! Every word you write is mistyped! HOW!? You look down. YOUR CRYPTONYTE! It’s the AZERTY… 

For years… It seemed like the battle of the keys would never end. But it just has. 

The Power Of Choice? Oh yeah! With 81 digital keys and e-paper technology, you can customize the keys to whatever language, alphabet, and layout for the perfect keyboard. Oh yeah.. And it’s Bluetooth.

The international, no… the UNIVERSAL keyboard is here.


Limited time offer

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