Gamer-style Audio Glasses

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  • Open-ear audio
  • Anti-blue light
  • Swappable lenses


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Included items:

Mutrics GB-30
1x Sunglass Lenses
1x Anti-blue Light Lenses

$99 $199

Like most of you, I spend my days staring at a screen.

We all seem to have moved past our mothers’ advice: “Don’t sit too close to or watch too much TV, you’ll turn square-eyed!”

And though we know it can’t be great, what else can we do?

We could use Mutrics glasses!

These special glasses are designed with special blue-light and UV filters to minimize the negative effects of screens—even if you don’t need glasses, Mutrics improves the longevity of your eyesight.

Small speakers play high-quality surround sound audio, reducing damage to your eardrums and immersing you in your game.

And their retro look is awesome! I can’t wait to show up at my mom’s and say my eyes did turn squared.

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