Mudra Band

Touch Free Control For Apple Watch

key advantages

  • Touch free Apple watch gesture control
  • Neural input technology
  • Multitasking on the go




December 2020


Wearable Tech Gadgets

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Included items:

1x Mudra Band

$149   $249

Limited time offer

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Apple Watches were meant to be convenient. But what do you do when your friend calls while you’re washing your hands?

I wish I could just shake it and answer… 

Become Dr. Strange, as Mudra turns your magic finger movements into calls, directions, volume and playback functions, and tons of other useful features.

Now you can keep using your watch when you’re brushing your teeth, driving, or carrying the kids. And if you only have 1 hand, you can now finally use the Apple Watch!

Warning: Just be careful. I was writing you this email, and it bought me a ticket to Paris!

Limited time offer

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